What to Wear

World, nations, governments, religions, people, men, women, humans: Stop telling women what to wear, women here, women there, or women anywhere. Women you know, women you love or like, women you are related to, women you don’t know, women in pictures, women who are famous, random women on the street, women on the beach. Take a deep breath and butt out.

If your personal feelings of comfort or liberation or anything at all rely on what the person next to you has or does not have on their body at any given moment, at the end of the day that is your problem. Talk about it with your peeps if you want, judge away with your pals if you must, cover or uncover your own fine body as you wish, decide who you want to hang out with, but ultimately? Look away and get over it.

Note: I originally wrote this on my personal facebook page. -mb

I have no idea who took the most excellent protest photo in France, below, but I love it. If you know the photographer please let me know so I can credit them.



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