Regram: Do the work

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Via questlove on Instagram:

“Lessons we can learn. Kanye declares it (albeit in a kanyesque way) and so it is. When you watch #TheRoadToOffTheWall you will also be amazed at the number of manifestos that #MJ wrote to himself that manifested. This is a note that #OctaviaButler wrote to herself: as motivation and as mission statement. Don’t get me wrong: you can’t be all “imma be a billionar–actually wishing for the “prize” or “the life” or “the reward” is (imo) the wrong path. TRUE fulfillment is the joy of the task at hand (i.e. I love playing records so much I do it for 5 bucks or 500,000 bucks, or free thousand bucks)—anywho point is if you manifest being the best quarterback ever, then you better put in those prep hours to make it happen (be in shape, eat and live in good health, train longer and harder than your team does, proper rest, mentally prepare for high altitude games, sub 0 weather games, study the greats, running, plays, plan b plays, everything!) not just say “imma be the best quarterback!!”—this is anyjob: all you designers should know every aspect: science of colors. Math for measurement. Types of material and where they come from—not just you glance through Vogue every 13 days and you can name drop a designer or two—you gotta DO THE WORK. Even when you think it’s thankless. Use this note as motivation. Know your craft. And immerse yourself in the craft. THATS when the reward comes. Don’t chase the “reward” chase and catch the dream. Then it comes. Signing off #16JobsMon



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