Try to Remember

The beauty of feeling excited by new things, projects, adventures, ideas, breakfasts, while at the same time other things fall apart, get swept away, crumble, go bye bye, or just feel totally and completely fouled up and mean and nasty and demoralizing. The little spark of life, you guys. The people by your side and at your back. Recognizing bad and selfish behavior from others for exactly what it is, and taking away from it a lesson in how never, ever, to act or to treat others or to be, because all we control is ourselves (and barely that some days, am I right or am I right). That’s the ticket people! Life is a constant cycle of passings and rebirths, small ones and large ones, and learning to go with that flow is the hardest lesson, and a constant lesson. Recognizing it, knowing it is true viscerally, trying to grab on to it to never forget, falling apart, forgetting, then remembering, then grasping, then forgetting, then seeing, grasping. Try to remember. Trust, trust, trust.


Photo by yours truly at the San Francisco Movement Arts Festival, Grace Cathedral, January 2016.

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